“I live in Zero City now, can you believe it?”

In case you’ve forgotten, our parents left us with nothing but UV rays and dead oceans. I grew up indoors, watching the stream. I avoided the UV like everyone else. But you can only hold your breath for so long, and when the invitation came I joined immediately. In Zero City, you don’t watch the stream; Zero City is the stream manifested. The architecture of pre-Zero (mostly prisons) are biochemically composted into a slurry and spread as a cap over the toxic earth. The slurry is molded into various subtle landforms to suggest a pre-Modern condition, a new virginity. This is the beginning, the re-Zero. Zero City reclaims a generational shit heap. In Zero City, everything is designed to achieve Zero and Zero is God. Zero City may seem far away, but in reality its closer than ever [...]

From “Zero City,” published in Ed issue 2, “Disaster”, 2018.

Below: Concept for the State of Zero (center left), 2017. Installation view, Westopia! organized by Parasite 2.0, Milan, Italy.