Vector Control
Brooklyn, NY
New Outer-Manhattan, End of summer, 20XX

... the origin of “Pathogen Partying” remains a subject of urban lore, but there is a clear set of events which led to its popularly: the imposition of nightly curfews due to disease vector fear, the transformation of public parks into the territory of feral pets abandoned during the floods of last decade, and a post-millennial pursuit of  a “natural high” as opposed to the pharmaceutical variety of previous generations. These events, combined with the realization that the habitat of the nightclub - blacklight, sweat, CO2 - is also the preferred habitat of The Swarm...

Air re-circulation flexible ductwork, plexiglass, ultraviolet fluorescent lights, monofilament, crushed marble, Octenol 3, lemon tree. 2016

Together with Ian Quate / Other Fields

Published as “Pathogen Party” in Pidgin